Digital Mammography / BRACAnalysis

Digital Mammography is the latest advancement in the fight against breast cancer. Radiation exposure is reduced up to 60% with superior image quality. This cutting-edge software gives our radiologist the tools to optimize the visualization of the breast tissue resulting in a clear mammogram. All exams are read by a radiologist AND a sophisticated computer software program. This system performs a second read, ensuring an accurate diagnosis.Orange County Diagnostics is pleased to offer mammograms at our Laguna Woods and Ladera Ranch facilities. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

  • BRACAnalysis:

BRCA1/BRCA2 & Lynch

                                      Genetic Testing

Do you have a family history of breast, ovarian, uterine or colon cancers?  Take this hereditary cancer quiz now to see if you should be concerned:

Orange County Diagnostics is the first out-patient radiology facility offering Hereditary Cancer Risk Testing for BRCA1/BRCA2 gene mutations and Lynch Syndrome. This is done through a simple, painless saliva test which takes approximately two weeks to process. To find out more information, open the following link:

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer and typically goes undetected.  Positive test results mean patients  have an 87% chance of getting breast and/or ovarian cancer. With this high risk factor,  insurance companies typically authorize annual mammograms, breast MRIs and pelvic ultrasounds.

ATTENTION MEN…if there is a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer, you should consider getting tested because this can be passed down to your children. Keep in mind, men can get breast cancer too.

Orange County Diagnostics does not charge for this procedure; it is all taken care of through  Myriad, the lab that created the tests.  They will check patient’s benefits to see if they qualify for  free testing. Insurance companies  pay for most of the test (if not all) if a patient and/or family history presents with certain types of cancer.  If insurance does not cover the test or if there is a remaining balance, Myriad offers 24 months Interest Free Financing.  The test is $3,500 – an invaluable price that can absolutely save your life!

Print this form to see if you qualify: HCT Risk Assessment Form. Schedule an appointment with Jamie Conroy @ (949) 462-3999 x128.

Click on the link below to see OC Diagnostics’ name, location and contact link posted on Carson Daly’s morning radio station web page!  Be sure to listen to the Audio Link for the interview between Carson Daly and our very own Kimberly Calder.

Click on the link below to hear Angelina Jolie’s shocking BRACA outcome:

Patients should know that it is illegal for an insurance company to drop or increase their medical insurance if they test positive.  In some cases, if a patient has a family history of these types of cancer and they test negative, it can potentially lower insurance premiums.

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